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The company recognises the need for an effective HSE programme and in this respect, we are in the process of redefining the perimeters for such program.

Rig Maintenance
Construction Site

We are constantly improving our HSE systems to fully comply with legal requirements to ensure that our employees, contractors and others are well informed, trained, engaged and committed to HSE and in addition, our policy is implemented to ensure that procedures are in place and working effectively. We are actively pursuing ISO certification.

Policy on Health, Safety and Environment: Services


Health, Safety and Environment is considered as the top priority among the activities carried out in an oil gas industry. The oil industry has commitments to develop and maintain the technologies, standards, best practices and programs which are essential to enhance the workplace safety. The ultimate goal of the HSE is to increase safety by preventing accidents and injuries.

We constantly monitor our HSE system in our industry to reduced material losses, direct and indirect costs for accidents and improving productivity. The record of consistency in safe operations at Amson Engineering is second to none. Above all we priorities safety and will put our employees first.

Policy on Health, Safety and Environment: Text
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